The "SI of AI"

The world's smartest AI
via blends of existing AI tools

About Us

"Lucid is your SI for AI"

Like an intelligent Maestro, Lucid-AI makes all of your existing systems and AI tools work in concert for you

Full "Lucid Answers" via Logical Unification

Lucid-AI doesn't ONLY look for interesting correlations or trends in your data.  In addition, Lucid-AI allows you to use powerful forms of human-like Logical or Hypothetical Reasoning, and Multi-Perspectival Inference  across ALL of your data, as if it were all ONE CORPORATE BRAIN!

Intelligently Automate Disparate Systems

Lucid-AI is exploring the automation of intelligently-driven functionality across widely disparate IT achitectures via Intelligent Software Agent integrations, to help automate continuous system upgrades, orchestrate dynamic real-time cyber-defenses, and bring elegant control to IoT.

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